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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the new Brett Laquercia Group Blog, where we will keep you up to speed on happenings, in our musical world, what we are anticipating, adding, and getting psyched about. 

Well, we had our HUGE return to the Bar at Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, and it was truly a magical evening.  I felt it was our "best gig ever."  It only gets better from here.  We've added so many songs in the two years we've been away from the Mansion, and I have become a much more proficient and confident in my role as a leader.  And now that we are back, everything seems to be falling into place:  The Mansion has rebooked us for Sat Dec 15 and Sat Dec 26th; a New Year's gig at Private Social, two private events at the beautiful Tower Club (a new location for us).  We need to cut a CD soon.

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