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A night to remember

On Saturday night, January 18th, I had a gig at the new Kitchen Cafe, run by Tony Hakim, here in Dallas.  He is loved by the musician community.  A gentle guy with a good heart, a voice like James Taylor, and now a restaurateur. The Kitchen is fast becoming a musicians' hang where the most established names in Dallas Jazz (which is a vibrant and very dynamic scene) come to play and hang out.

The Kitchen is what I call a "listening room" where people come to eat and drink with friends, but with the primary interest of listening to the music and watching the show.  It's actually a bit like dinner theater.  

It was the first time that I really got to do what I've want to do for a long time: tell stories about the music, and how the songs relate to my life.  Who wrote the songs and when, and what they are related to, a Broadway show, an old movie (like Charade with Audrey Hepburn).  

The house was full.  I had promoted through most of my venues, email marketing, facebook, etc.  Finally in Dallas, a listening room.  

Well, it was a night to remember.  A night as I had hoped.  I started telling my stories, Drinking Again, the Bette Midler version, from a mix tape that Frank Schippani had made my dad a mixtape for his birthday one year that had that song in it.  I talked about how its lyrics were by Johnny Mercer.  

"I Thought About You," a song I've always wanted to do.  Also a Johnny Mercer Tune sung by Billie Holiday style.  I did Greatest Love of All, which to my surprised received perhaps the greatest of the night. Carol King's Smackwater Jack,

It was a glorious night.  And I must say, my voice felt 100%.  And I felt inspired an totally "on" all night.  So many people who I either know, or who are fans, or on my list, or just know of me and my music, which always amazes me, and is fun to meet them when it happens.  The two women directly in front of the stage swaying to the music all night, Lisa and her friend.It truly was, for me, and I heard from many in the audience, too, a night to remember...

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