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New recordings on the Website

OK, so I recently bought a new recording device for our gigs.  A Xoom H4n.  I didn't take it out of the box in time for our last gig at the Mansion, although I I bought it the day of.  No excuse... However, this past Friday I brought it to the gig and believe it or not, pulled it out of the box kind of "on the fly" and set it up, pressed a few buttons, and voila! I have some nice new recordings.  I stayed up waaaay too late last night editing tunes out of the master recordings, and for your listening pleasure I have uploaded a cut from "Fever" to the Website last night.  I also added a recent worthy recording of "Georgia" from the Mansion, using the old Alesis Pro Track iPod-dock recorder.  Please have a listen on our homepage today
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